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Mi Casa Restaurant

5549 Woodruff Ave

Lakewood, Ca 90713

P: (562) 867-8701

F: (562) 867-3738


(46-BF) Served w.Rica, Beans & Your Choice of Corn or Flour Tortillas

46. Huevos Rancheros- Two Eggs Over Easy on a Corn Tortilla Covered w/Ranchera Sauce & Melted Cheese

47. Huevos con Chorizo- Two Scrambled Eggs Mixed w/Mexican Sausage

48. Spanish Omelet- Omelet Covered w/Ranchera Sauce, Melted Cheese & Avocado

49. Machaca- Scrambled Eggs Mixed w/Shredded Beef, Tomatoes, Onions & Bell Pepper

B-G Breakfast Tacos- Two Soft Tacos Filled w/Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes & Pico de Gallo, Served w/Rice & Beans

B-H Breakfast Quesadilla- Grilled Flour Tortilla Filled w/Freshly Grated Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Potatoes & Your Choice of Chorizo & Eggs, Bacon or Ham & Eggs

B-A Ham & Cheese Omelet- Omelet Filled w/Chopped Ham, Cheese & Topped w/Ranchera Sauce

B-B Bacon & Cheese Omelet- Omelet Filled Sliced Bacon, Cheese & Topped w/Ranchera Sauce

B-C Vegetarian Omelet- Omelet Filled w/Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers & Potatoes, Topped w/Ranchera Sauce & Cheese

B-D Cheese Omelet- Omelet Filled w/Cheese, Topped w/Ranchera Sauce

B-E Huevos a la Mexicana- Scrambled Eggs Mixed in w/Tomatoes, Onions & Jalapenos

B-F Carne Asada Omelet- Omelet Filled w/Chopped Carne Asada, Topped w/Ranchera Sauce & Cheese


Breakfast Burritos

Chorizo w/Beans

Machaca w/Beans

Ham & Egg w/Beans- Scrambled Eggs, Beans, Ham & Cheese

Bacon & Egg w/Beans- Scrambled Eggs, Beans, Bacon & Cheese

Breakfast Burrito (Ham or Bacon)- Scrambled Eggs, Beans, Cheese & Potatoes (Seasoned w/Onions, Tomatoes & Bell Pepper)

El Jefe (Bacon or Ham)- Giant Burrito Filled w/Scrambled Eggs, Seasoned Potatoes, Beans, Rice & Cheese, Covered in Ranchera Sauce, Melted Cheese & Topped w/Guacamole & Sour Cream 


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